S03E04 – Elizabeth Earley

About our Interview with:

Elizabeth Earley. Elizabeth Earley is currently a swing in the Broadway production of SOMETHING ROTTEN, and has already been cast in the upcoming production of HELLO DOLLY, which has smashed box office records for ticket sales of a rival. Elizabeth sat down with us to chat about her experience of being a performer, but also to talk about her personal statement, “Tell stories, change the world,” which led to Project Oak Dance Training, a forum she created to help artists achieve more of their potential. Listen in to hear about her beautiful outlook on performing and teaching, and find out why being left handed has helped her “rub elbows” with some very successful individuals.

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S02E34 – Kristy Cates

About our Interview with:

Kristy Cates, singer, dancer, actor, creative director, mentor and mother tells Ryan and Kevin how a small town girl from Northern California can through hard work and focus hit the musical theatre scene in New York and find success and artistic satisfaction.

Kristy tells great stories about her journey and how she meets fellow broadway stage performers all along the way.

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Kristy Cates Headshot

S02E20 – Suzzanne Douglas

About our Interview with

Suzzanne Douglas: Suzzanne has a long list of credits that cover film, television, opera, and the stage. She has won awards, and worked with icons such as Gregory Hines, and Sammy Davis Jr. A self proclaimed “Life long learner,” she recently graduated from Manhattan School of Music while approaching the age of 60. Her life experience and new musical tools have allowed her to open up yet another chapter as she just recently signed with a label and is now having her album produced. Listen in to find out why Suzzanne feels being a patron of the arts is so important, why “artist are special and are here to make the world a better place,” and why Paul Gemignani told her she’ll never “have to work for an asshole.” Suzzanne is a lovely, insightful human being; we are sure you’re going to enjoy this episode.

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Suzzanne Douglas
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S02E01 – Warren Jones

About our Interview with Warren Jones

Collaborative Pianist Warren Jones talked with us about his journey to achieving his career. Crucial to this process was his focus early on in his education to choose electives and courses in college that would help him to achieve these goals. We talked about, the difference between accompanying instrumentalists and singers, how music is made, necessary skills for collaborative pianist, how to learn these skills, importance of language skills and he shared many entertaining stories about his career.

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Warren Jones
Warren Jones

S01E48 – Max Wilcox

About our interview with Max Wilcox

Greenroom Conversations was excited to welcome such a legendary record producer Max Wilcox into the studio. In his first interview Max shares with us how he started out in Michigan studying piano and eventually ending up on the other side of the microphone as producer and engineer. He shares his path from RCA to a freelance recording producer and a few stories from his time as “collaborator” with Arthur Rubinstein for 17 years.

Max Wilcox Headshot
Max Wilcox Sits with a couple of his Grammy Awards

S01E44 – Janet Rarick

About our interview with Janet Rarick

Janet Rarick, Associate Professor of Music Career Development at Rice University Shepherd School of Music shared how her own career developed and how she found her way to teaching. We talk about; the importance of taking chances on opportunities, the importance of having support system of colleagues, the process in creating a career class, various ways in teaching career skills, defining a successful career and finding a creative outlet no matter what career path one takes, understanding your inner critic, the importance of performance experience in helping with performance anxiety, the importance of personal skills in getting and keeping a job and the skill of speaking to an audience.

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A photo of Janet Rarick

S01E43 – Elissa Weinzimmer

About our interview with Elissa Weinzimmer

Elissa Weinzimmer, Voice and Movement Coach, found her career path when overuse and acid reflux caused her to loose her voice and through her study of Fitzmaurice Voicework® she found her path to teaching and helping others with helping others to find their own voice. After pursuing an MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada she recently moved to New York City and is building her own teaching studio and Vibrant Voice Techniques. We talk about; the importance of maintaining your voice under demands, how to build a teaching studio, using technology to expand the scope of the teaching geographically, helping performers find their public speaking voice, differences between the younger voice and older voice and how to open their awareness to their instruments, when to seek vocal help and how a voice coach can help singers stay healthy.

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A photo of Elissa Weinzimmer

S01E41 – Howard Wiseman

About our interview with Howard Wiseman

Instrument case designer and maker, Howard Wiseman talked with Kevin Chavez during the summer 2014-Double Reed Conference in New York. Howard made his first case when he was 15 years old as a result of having difficulties carrying his heavy bassoon. The first order for a case was from his bassoon teacher, which lead to more requests for cases. While studying for a performance bassoon career, he continued making cases. Howard today continues to play and teach bassoon along side of his case and sports coaching businesses. Producing only bassoon cases for the first 13 years, he later branched out to other instruments and multiple instruments. A lifetime guarantee is offered with all his cases and he never compromising on quality. Known for his innovation, he is always looking towards new designs and projects following his passion for creating and building things.

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Wiseman Cases Website

Howard Wiseman Headshot
Howard Wiseman Headshot

S01E34 – Sarah Thelen Rude

About our interview with Sarah Thelen Rude

Sarah Thelen Rude studied Oboe in college and after graduating started at Fox Products as a diagnostician and oboe builder. Eight years later she also repairs and is part of oboe product development. She and Kevin talk about how Fox Products is able to make a great intermediate instrument, increasing their product line to meet the needs of oboe players, oboe product innovations, how to improve and maintain the expectations of the oboe sound and what Fox has in the planning stages for product development.

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Sarah with Oboes
Sarah Standing in front of an array of fox oboes and english horns

S01E29 – Nancy Huang

About our interview with Nancy Huang

Nancy Huang, owner of RDG Woodwinds talked with Kevin during the 2014 International Double Reed Conference.  Nancy tells the  story as to how she became a proprietor of RDG Woodwinds after realizing that performing would not be her primary career path. She talks about; her company, how she has developed her business in offering wide selections, working with various artists and teachers, selecting instruments, instrument repair, stocking inventory, selling used instruments and RDG’s support to artists and students.

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RDG’s Website
RDG’s Facebook Page

Nancy Huang and the RDG Gang
Nancy Huang and the RDG Crew on Nancy’s 10th Anniversary as the owner of RDG