S01E23 – Christopher Cerrone

About our interview with Christopher Cerrone

Composer Christopher Cerrone, a member of the composer collective ‘Sleeping Giant’ talks about the range of instrumentation of his compositions and the challenges of writing an opera. Being drawn to the voice and using his love of literature he combined the two and found himself writing for the voice. He started writing an opera without much foresight and shares his process, and recommendations of what he learned through the process. From the age of about 16 he fell in love with classical music and started writing music without any compositional training, but found his way to NYU then to Manhattan School of Music for his musical training. Christopher talks about; networking in the music world and how it has lead him to be composing primarily on commission, the collaborative process with performers and it’s importance in the compositional process, difficulty of writing compositions that are difficult and finding a balance of playability, instrumentation, getting a piece played a second time and after the premier and advice to young composers today.

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Christopher Cerrone Headshot
Christopher Cerrone Headshot