S03E14 – George Farmer

About our Interview with:

George Farmer.  Ryan and Kevin were delighted to have George Farmer in the studio to discuss how he got to broadway and how he feels about lending a hand to aspiring performers.  George is truly a musician’s musician.  He clearly loves everything about the industry.  Enjoy!

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George Farmer

S01E33 – Wilbur Pauley

About our interview with Wilbur Pauley

Bass, Wilbur Pauley has performed many different roles in his career as entertainer-musician extraordinaire. Starting out as music educator and unable to find a k-12 teaching job, someone suggested moving to New York City since there was work for a Bass. After acquiring a steady church job to make rent, through serendipity he landed on Broadway in The Merchant of Venice with Dustin Hoffman. As one thing lead to another he found himself at another vocal call for a Kurt Weill workshop, which lead him later to creating “Hudson Shad”. He is the founder, arranger, performer and manager of Hudson Shad who performs music of the Comedian Harmonists, The Revelers and has performed as the ‘family’ in Kurt Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins all around the world. From his opera experience at the Santa Fe Opera, New York City Opera, the MET premiere of The Ghosts of Versailles to vocals for Disney Movies, he has found taking on any opportunity that he is offered has given him quite a fulfilling career as a freelance singer.

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Wilbur Pauley