S03E04 – Elizabeth Earley

About our Interview with:

Elizabeth Earley. Elizabeth Earley is currently a swing in the Broadway production of SOMETHING ROTTEN, and has already been cast in the upcoming production of HELLO DOLLY, which has smashed box office records for ticket sales of a rival. Elizabeth sat down with us to chat about her experience of being a performer, but also to talk about her personal statement, “Tell stories, change the world,” which led to Project Oak Dance Training, a forum she created to help artists achieve more of their potential. Listen in to hear about her beautiful outlook on performing and teaching, and find out why being left handed has helped her “rub elbows” with some very successful individuals.

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S01E44 – Janet Rarick

About our interview with Janet Rarick

Janet Rarick, Associate Professor of Music Career Development at Rice University Shepherd School of Music shared how her own career developed and how she found her way to teaching. We talk about; the importance of taking chances on opportunities, the importance of having support system of colleagues, the process in creating a career class, various ways in teaching career skills, defining a successful career and finding a creative outlet no matter what career path one takes, understanding your inner critic, the importance of performance experience in helping with performance anxiety, the importance of personal skills in getting and keeping a job and the skill of speaking to an audience.

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S01E27 – Susan Caldwell

About our interview with Susan Caldwell

Collaborative Pianist-Vocal Coach, Susan Caldwell is a faculty member at Mannes College of Music and was assistant conductor at the New York City opera for 27 years. Her path to her current career flowed naturally from her education as a pianist and organist, which lead her towards opera coaching and accompanying. We talked about; difference voices and the age development and when careers are usually launched, the importance of knowing languages for singers and vocal coaches, necessary skills for a vocal accompanist, how the opera experience in the orchestra pit influenced her ability to accompany and understand the score, the importance of the rehearsal process, defining the role of a vocal coach, the business side to the vocal profession, the art of collaborative performing and the necessary skills needed to be a successful vocal coach.

Susan Caldwell Headshot
Susan Caldwell Headshot

S01E13 – Carol Ann Aicher

About our interview with Carol Ann Aicher

Co-Host Carol Ann Aicher chats with her co-hosts Kevin Chavez and Ryan Michael Hartman about her beginnings in music, growing up in a musical family and finding her way into a career in music with a specialty in pedagogy. She shares her teaching philosophy and how her educational background molds her current teaching style. Balancing teaching and performing is always a challenge, but both feed each other, sharing the same learning process herself as a performer enhances her teaching. As a performer she talks about the learning process and how her practicing supports her performance. Also revealed for our listeners is the real story of how co-hosts Kevin and Carol Ann met and how their collaboration started.

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Carol Ann Aicher Headshot
Carol Ann Aicher Headshot