S02E37 – Abbie Conant

Trombonist, Actress, Poet; Abbie Conant joined us in the studio to share stories of success, challenges, and perseverance. Currently, she finds artistic fulfillment in teaching and performing new theatrical works for Trombone with her husband William Osborne. We discussed her journey to Europe and experience with sexism in Italy as well as the Munich Philharmonic.

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S02E36 – Patrick Milando

About our Interview

Patrick is currently the First Horn chair for THE LION KING on Broadway. When he’s not playing for the pride, Patrick can heard in various gigs not only throughout the country, but throughout the world. A graduate of Manhattan School of Music, he has been playing on Broadway for a few decades, and has also managed to rack up a few participation Grammy’s for his involvement in works produced by the New York Philharmonic, and the Metropolitan Opera. In addition to being a wonderful french horn player, Patrick finds continued creativity through his exploration of conducting as well as composing. We were fortunate enough to have him provide an expert of his haunting composition, Meditations on Manhattan. A longer cut off his music is generously supplied at the the very end of the podcast. Listen in to hear some great stories from this fantastic individual.

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S02E31 – Tara O’Connor

About our Interview with Tara O’Connor

Dr. Tara O’Connor lit up the studio (as she does every place she goes) with her joviality and quick wit. In the interview it became apparent that if you really love what you do, you never need a “vacation”. Aside from teaching at numerous high-level music programs and performing in many prestigious professional performance ensembles, she makes time for personal music projects she believes in. As a flutist (not “flout-ist”) she had never felt the gravitational pull of the orchestral establishment being artistically fulfilled and free to blaze her own path as she has done so successfully. In our interview, you will not be able to help but be inspired and energized by her apparent love of music and the flute.  And cooking. And photography.

Tara O'Connor

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S02E09 – Miho Hazama

About our Interview with

Composer, arranger, orchestrator and pianist, Miho Hazama joined us in the studio to talk about her path to finding her mix between classical and jazz music. Currently, she is a New York City based jazz composer traveling the world performing her music. Starting as a pianist, her early studies in electronic organ later helped her with orchestration. From the age of 7 she started to study composition and later her interest in jazz started from listening to all types of music and in college hearing a big-band in rehearsal. She shared how she learned to improvise and find a balance between classical and jazz. Her life as a performer-conductor, arranger and composer is a balance that keeps her active and always busy. Recently released, she describes her second album with her jazz chamber orchestra, which includes new instrumentation for jazz music.

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S02E02 – Dashaun Young

About our Interview with Dashaun Young

Currently in the 1st national tour of Beautiful, friend of the show Dashaun Young sits down with us in the studio to talk about his journey to Broadway. From his first big breaks, to playing Simba in The Lion King on Broadway, Tour, The West End, and Vegas, Dashaun has built quite an impressive resume and at quite a young age. Listen in for some tips that he feels has been crucial to his success. We also discuss what is next for Dashaun and have a little fun laughing at some great stage blunders he has experienced.

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S01E42 – Per Brevig

About our interview with Per Brevig

Trombonist and Conductor Dr. Per Brevig, joined us in the studio to talk about how his career evolved over time and how it lead him to conducting. He talks about how everything in his career has been progressive. We talk about; the diversity of his career, his interest in Jazz, Big Band and Contemporary Music, the importance of playing a broad choice repertoire, the shift in his career to conducting, his promotion of avant-garde music, how to be a good colleague, his conducting schedule and positions, programming choices, finding pleasure in various repertoire as a listener, what a soloist can expect when meeting with a conductor, his involvement as founder in the Grieg Society, and about his close work with the various composers including Carlos Chávez for the premier of the trombone concerto.

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Per Brevig

S01E37 – Martha Cargo

About our interview with Martha Cargo

Flutist, Martha Cargo trained as a classical flutist as well as a contemporary flutist. Her abilities also expand to the non-profit world as a consultant and administrator. She talks about; her exposure to contemporary flute music, the switch back and forth from contemporary to baroque, her current job as Assistant to the Music Director at the Americas Society, how she prepared herself in college for her current day job, how to find your brand and identity and her future performance plans.

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S01E28 – Brandon George

About our interview with Brandon George

Brandon George, a freelance Flutist shared with us how he has created a career for himself in New York City, playing chamber music groups, organizing a chamber music recital, teaching and hosting/producing a radio broadcast. Being “open” is an idea, which he held foremost in creating his path. His interest in contemporary music started as an undergraduate at the Oberlin Conservatory and this has lead to blending new and old music into programing evenly. Creating his own chamber music recital series he has championed programing new music along with the classics. Being an entrepreneur he finds ways to make projects happen and finds a balance in scheduling his workload along with teaching. Brandon offers specific skills students can focus on during their school years that may help them find their own career path.

Links to learn more about Brandon George

Bradon George’s Website

Powell Flute/Brandon’s Page

Brandon George Headshot
Brandon George Headshot

S01E25 – Jordan Dodson

About our interview with Jordan Dodson

Classical Guitarist Jordan Dodson found his way to classical guitar after hearing a cd of Andrés Segovia but has never left playing different styles, especially jazz and often includes it in his classical programing. Jordon talks about; the repertoire variety for the guitar, criteria for choosing concerts, contemporary guitar literature, playing in his new music ensembles (Ensemble Moto Perpetuo, Marcel, Ensemble sans maître), programming, importance of his knowledge of classical music and musicianship has impacted his ability to work with other musicians, self management skills and balancing teaching and performing, the choices of guitars and strings, the cost of a good guitar, instrument maintenance, guitar organizations, orchestral pieces with guitar, hall acoustics, the importance of nail maintenance and exploring new repertoire

Links to learn more about Jordan Dodson

Jordan’s Website
Marcel Trio’s Website
Ensemble Moto Perpetuo’s Website
Ensemble Sans Maitre’s Website

Jordan Dodson Headshot
Jordan Dodson Headshot

S01E23 – Christopher Cerrone

About our interview with Christopher Cerrone

Composer Christopher Cerrone, a member of the composer collective ‘Sleeping Giant’ talks about the range of instrumentation of his compositions and the challenges of writing an opera. Being drawn to the voice and using his love of literature he combined the two and found himself writing for the voice. He started writing an opera without much foresight and shares his process, and recommendations of what he learned through the process. From the age of about 16 he fell in love with classical music and started writing music without any compositional training, but found his way to NYU then to Manhattan School of Music for his musical training. Christopher talks about; networking in the music world and how it has lead him to be composing primarily on commission, the collaborative process with performers and it’s importance in the compositional process, difficulty of writing compositions that are difficult and finding a balance of playability, instrumentation, getting a piece played a second time and after the premier and advice to young composers today.

Links to learn more about Christopher Cerrone

Christopher Cerrone’s Website


Christopher Cerrone Headshot
Christopher Cerrone Headshot