S01E34 – Sarah Thelen Rude

About our interview with Sarah Thelen Rude

Sarah Thelen Rude studied Oboe in college and after graduating started at Fox Products as a diagnostician and oboe builder. Eight years later she also repairs and is part of oboe product development. She and Kevin talk about how Fox Products is able to make a great intermediate instrument, increasing their product line to meet the needs of oboe players, oboe product innovations, how to improve and maintain the expectations of the oboe sound and what Fox has in the planning stages for product development.

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Sarah with Oboes
Sarah Standing in front of an array of fox oboes and english horns

S01E31 – Sherry Sylar

About our interview with Sherry Sylar

Sherry Sylar joined us for a lively conversation about her responsibilities over the last 30 years as the Associate Principal Oboist at the New York Philharmonic. She shares many stories of how she is often called in at the last moment to perform for all the principal parts, as well as playing the Oboe d’amore and English Horn. Among the topics we talked about; the various musicians committees at the New York Philharmonic, her path to the New York Philharmonic and her audition process, performance anxiety and the art of preparation, teaching and how it has affected her playing and how to practice, reed making, oboe brands, her process of recording a solo cd, managing the large amount of repertoire in practice and how she found her way to choosing the oboe.

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Sherry Sylar

S01E29 – Nancy Huang

About our interview with Nancy Huang

Nancy Huang, owner of RDG Woodwinds talked with Kevin during the 2014 International Double Reed Conference.  Nancy tells the  story as to how she became a proprietor of RDG Woodwinds after realizing that performing would not be her primary career path. She talks about; her company, how she has developed her business in offering wide selections, working with various artists and teachers, selecting instruments, instrument repair, stocking inventory, selling used instruments and RDG’s support to artists and students.

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Nancy Huang and the RDG Gang
Nancy Huang and the RDG Crew on Nancy’s 10th Anniversary as the owner of RDG

S01E17 – James Austin Smith

About our interview with James Austin Smith

We were delighted to have Oboist James Austin Smith share so many facets of his active career. First he talks about his steps to choosing the oboe and a career path, which steered him from an undergraduate double degree in political science and oboe to a Fulbright Scholarship in Germany, then back to the United States for a Masters at Yale. James talks about the difference of the European style of oboe playing and auditioning and how experiencing this led him to vary his career trajectory which is always goal driven, but how the path to that goal can be diverse. He shares his ideas about programing and the importance of being thoughtful about repertoire choice. Speaking candidly about his realization that he didn’t want the orchestral oboist path and finding his relevance in the music world, following a new route to a career. As a teacher he talks about how he focuses his students on the most important skills needed for a successful career.

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James Austin Smith Headshot
James Austin Smith Headshot