S01E43 – Elissa Weinzimmer

About our interview with Elissa Weinzimmer

Elissa Weinzimmer, Voice and Movement Coach, found her career path when overuse and acid reflux caused her to loose her voice and through her study of Fitzmaurice Voicework® she found her path to teaching and helping others with helping others to find their own voice. After pursuing an MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada she recently moved to New York City and is building her own teaching studio and Vibrant Voice Techniques. We talk about; the importance of maintaining your voice under demands, how to build a teaching studio, using technology to expand the scope of the teaching geographically, helping performers find their public speaking voice, differences between the younger voice and older voice and how to open their awareness to their instruments, when to seek vocal help and how a voice coach can help singers stay healthy.

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A photo of Elissa Weinzimmer

S01E13 – Carol Ann Aicher

About our interview with Carol Ann Aicher

Co-Host Carol Ann Aicher chats with her co-hosts Kevin Chavez and Ryan Michael Hartman about her beginnings in music, growing up in a musical family and finding her way into a career in music with a specialty in pedagogy. She shares her teaching philosophy and how her educational background molds her current teaching style. Balancing teaching and performing is always a challenge, but both feed each other, sharing the same learning process herself as a performer enhances her teaching. As a performer she talks about the learning process and how her practicing supports her performance. Also revealed for our listeners is the real story of how co-hosts Kevin and Carol Ann met and how their collaboration started.

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Carol Ann Aicher Headshot
Carol Ann Aicher Headshot

S01E03 – Yupin Hsu

What’s in this Episode

Dr. Yupin Hsu combines her expertise as a musician and occupational therapist to guide musicians to greater awareness of how to use our bodies. She offers practical advice for musicians; being aware of the signals the body sends, when the body is being over used. Conditioning is essential for musicians to maintain a body that supports the demands of practicing. We talk about who to turn to for guidance when muscles start feeling fatigue, how performance anxiety and intense study can contribute to injuries and the consequences of taking drugs such as beta-blockers.



Dr. Yupin Hsu Portrait
Dr. Yupin Hsu stands for a quick Portrait before her interview with Kevin and Carol