S02E07 – David Creswell

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Violist David Creswell, talked to us about his path to being a very active freelancer in New York City, from Broadway to the New Philharmonic.  He shares his love of how the viola can be the conduit of so much color in an ensemble and how he followed his career goals to pursue an orchestral career.  Personal connections and auditions lead to him establishing a network and the skills needed to be successful in freelancing.  The pros and cons of a permanent job and the diversity a freelancing career offers (teaching, chamber music, Broadway, orchestra, recordings, pop).  David shares his interest in tuning, teaching, and his teaching of eurhythmics and viola at Juilliard.  While he still takes auditions for jobs, he shares his reasoning on why to take an audition and how he prepares.  We talked about; skills for filling in as a substitute in orchestras, time management skills needed for a freelance career and the priorities that ensures success.

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David Crewel
David Crewell

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S02E06 – Montego Glover

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This week we sat down with the incredibly talented and grounded TONY nominated actress, Montego Glover. Listen in as Montego talks about creating a role vs. stepping into a role such as Les Miserable’s Fantine. She also gives a great deal of advise that has helped her succeed including: being “willing to suck” at first, finding YOUR light in auditions-not theirs, and some wisdom passed on from her father… “ Do not let anyone pull you off your path.” Prioritizing and scheduling far in advance has allowed Montego to stay busy with many projects including voiceover work, being a PopsEd Ambassador, and a member of the Kennedy Center Honors Committee. Montego has been one of out most interesting and self-knowledgable guests to date.

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Photo Credit: http://BrentDundore.com
Photo Credit: http://BrentDundore.com

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S01E35 – Michael Shulman

About our interview with Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman shares the story of how he made it Broadway as a child actor, working with Stephen Sondheim in the original production of “Assassins” and two years as Gavroche in “Les Misérables”. He talks about his experience as a child actor and how he made the transition into the business as an adult actor. Majoring in Art History at Yale he pursued knowledge that would complete his education into being an artist. He currently is acting, writing and producing (Starry Nigh Entertainment). We talked about; the skills he needed to learn to be a producer, what he learned as an actor from being a producer, the importance of reviews, what creates successes and failures of shows on Broadway, balancing producing, acting and writing on a daily basis as well as piano practicing, how learning the piano helped him in singing and how his immersion into all the arts help him to pursue a diverse career.

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S01E30 – Will Curry

About our interview with Will Curry

Violist and Assistant Conductor for Les Misérables, Will Curry entered college as a violist but knew he wanted to be a conductor. While at Northwestern he began studying conducting along with viola and began making Broadway connections, which later lead to him being recommended for the tour of Les Misérables. Putting his masters degree on hold, he toured for three years as violist and assistant conductor and for the past year he has been on Broadway and developing a career in NYC. Using his skills from an arts administration minor, Will is the Development Director as well as a performer for the Broadway Chamber Players. We talked with Will about; how he plans ahead and continues to improve his skills as a musician to insure job security in the future, practicing to keep “in shape” with other music and the fundamentals, surprises that still occur after playing the same music for four years, choosing the viola, transitioning from college to touring, tour life, substituting on Broadway and doubling on violin and viola.

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