S03E13 – Ryan Driscoll

About our Interview with:

Ryan Driscoll. Ryan is currently on faculty at NYU and works as a music copyist for Broadway. Most recently Ryan was the copyist for the musical COME FROM AWAY, a show he feels incredibly proud of. Listen in to find out how Ryan’s path led from early success as a performer in his teens (starring opposite Idina Menzel), to following his heart to teaching and being a music copyist. His love of what he does is infectious; you are going to be entertained listening to Ryan tell his story and explain the world of the copyist.

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Gustavo Romero

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S03E04 – Elizabeth Earley

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Elizabeth Earley. Elizabeth Earley is currently a swing in the Broadway production of SOMETHING ROTTEN, and has already been cast in the upcoming production of HELLO DOLLY, which has smashed box office records for ticket sales of a rival. Elizabeth sat down with us to chat about her experience of being a performer, but also to talk about her personal statement, “Tell stories, change the world,” which led to Project Oak Dance Training, a forum she created to help artists achieve more of their potential. Listen in to hear about her beautiful outlook on performing and teaching, and find out why being left handed has helped her “rub elbows” with some very successful individuals.

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S01E39 – Barbara Whitman

About our interview with Barbara Whitman

Multi award winning producer, Barbara Whitman sits down with us to discuss her most recent Tony Award winning show Fun Home, and the over 150 people it takes to support the 9 actors onstage. She also delves into some of the attributes that have made her such a success on Broadway, including being a mother. We also chat about theatre being an “industry of relationships,” and just where this industry is headed next. Barbara does a great job of demystifying the role of the producer, while offering great advice for those who wish to follow a path into producing.

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Barbara Whitman

S01E23 – Christopher Cerrone

About our interview with Christopher Cerrone

Composer Christopher Cerrone, a member of the composer collective ‘Sleeping Giant’ talks about the range of instrumentation of his compositions and the challenges of writing an opera. Being drawn to the voice and using his love of literature he combined the two and found himself writing for the voice. He started writing an opera without much foresight and shares his process, and recommendations of what he learned through the process. From the age of about 16 he fell in love with classical music and started writing music without any compositional training, but found his way to NYU then to Manhattan School of Music for his musical training. Christopher talks about; networking in the music world and how it has lead him to be composing primarily on commission, the collaborative process with performers and it’s importance in the compositional process, difficulty of writing compositions that are difficult and finding a balance of playability, instrumentation, getting a piece played a second time and after the premier and advice to young composers today.

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Christopher Cerrone Headshot
Christopher Cerrone Headshot

S01E10 – Anthony DeMare

About our interview with Anthony DeMare

Contemporary Pianist, Anthony de Mare shares his journey to his current career. He talks about his influences that formed his path to studying classical piano, leading him to find an affinity to the repertoire of contemporary composers. At the University of Buffalo he found his way to new music exploring late Liszt to the present and hosting a radio program about new music. He examines the skills that a pianist needs to be successful at learning contemporary music and the importance of including contemporary music within standard repertoire curriculum. We discuss the difficulties that arise from learning and teaching contemporary music, how competitions fit into creating a career, and defining what is included in contemporary piano music. Reinventing himself every five years or so, he shares his current project “Liaisons”, commissioning 36 of the world’s foremost contemporary composers from across the musical spectrum to “re-imagine” one of Sondheim’s songs as a solo piano piece.

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Anthony DeMare Headshot
Anthony DeMare Headshot