S02E36 – Patrick Milando

About our Interview

Patrick is currently the First Horn chair for THE LION KING on Broadway. When he’s not playing for the pride, Patrick can heard in various gigs not only throughout the country, but throughout the world. A graduate of Manhattan School of Music, he has been playing on Broadway for a few decades, and has also managed to rack up a few participation Grammy’s for his involvement in works produced by the New York Philharmonic, and the Metropolitan Opera. In addition to being a wonderful french horn player, Patrick finds continued creativity through his exploration of conducting as well as composing. We were fortunate enough to have him provide an expert of his haunting composition, Meditations on Manhattan. A longer cut off his music is generously supplied at the the very end of the podcast. Listen in to hear some great stories from this fantastic individual.

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S02E02 – Dashaun Young

About our Interview with Dashaun Young

Currently in the 1st national tour of Beautiful, friend of the show Dashaun Young sits down with us in the studio to talk about his journey to Broadway. From his first big breaks, to playing Simba in The Lion King on Broadway, Tour, The West End, and Vegas, Dashaun has built quite an impressive resume and at quite a young age. Listen in for some tips that he feels has been crucial to his success. We also discuss what is next for Dashaun and have a little fun laughing at some great stage blunders he has experienced.

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