S03E05 – Thomas Boulton

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Thomas Boulton. Thomas is a very busy NYC area Freelance Trumpeter. Through his busy schedule, he makes time to teach Privately as well as in the NY Philharmonic’s Teaching Artis program.

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S02E19 – Alex Bender

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Alex Bender, freelance Trumpeter joined us in the studio, we started by talking about custom mouthpieces then moved quickly into equipment and how he started playing the trumpet.  He shared his childhood memories of his exposure to music which forged his love for playing all styles of music.  He always knew he wanted to be in New York City playing on Broadway since 8th grade, this goal allowed him to direct his path to his current career.  Being accepted for a Masters in orchestral trumpet at the Manhattan School of Music, and landing a job on a cruise ship at the same time he deferred school for a year and took that year on the cruise ships to study on his own, learning to play jazz, big band and while continuing to studying orchestral excerpts.  We talked about; his current warm-up practices, auditions, focusing on sound, continuing to study with various teachers and networking for jobs on Broadway.

Alex Bender photo:Karjaka Studios
Alex Bender
photo:Karjaka Studios

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S01E41 – Howard Wiseman

About our interview with Howard Wiseman

Instrument case designer and maker, Howard Wiseman talked with Kevin Chavez during the summer 2014-Double Reed Conference in New York. Howard made his first case when he was 15 years old as a result of having difficulties carrying his heavy bassoon. The first order for a case was from his bassoon teacher, which lead to more requests for cases. While studying for a performance bassoon career, he continued making cases. Howard today continues to play and teach bassoon along side of his case and sports coaching businesses. Producing only bassoon cases for the first 13 years, he later branched out to other instruments and multiple instruments. A lifetime guarantee is offered with all his cases and he never compromising on quality. Known for his innovation, he is always looking towards new designs and projects following his passion for creating and building things.

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Wiseman Cases Website

Howard Wiseman Headshot
Howard Wiseman Headshot

S01E20 – Ethan Bensdorf

About our interview with Ethan Bensdorf

New York Philharmonic, Acting Associate Principal Trumpet, Ethan Bensdorf shares the most important experiences that lead him to be the musician he is today. Talking about his audition that lead him to the NY Philharmonic position, he tells the qualities that he puts foremost in an audition and performances. Ethan explains how his perspective has changed about auditions and what is most important. He comments on the elusive “consistency”, confidence, interpretation, rhythm, sound and the recent common practice of not choosing a winner of auditions. Maintaining the quality of performance is always the goal once winning the job and he talks about how he manages this everyday, creating a balance of practicing, teaching and life. On the job training and how one reacts to these mistakes is the best way he has learned to maintain his position and continues to learn everyday. He comments on stepping in for Phil Smith after his retirement, how he balances the stress of the job, how a change of repertoire for the Philharmonic creates a fun change from the concentrated performances and how to organize practicing.

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Ethan’s NY Philharmonic Page

Ethan Bensdorf Headshot
Ethan Bensdorf Headshot