S03E01 – Matous Michal

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Matous Michal one the newest members of the Chicago Symphony’s Second Violin section joined us in the studio to share his journey to getting his first job. We talked about his audition and preparation process and his experience during the first few months with the Chicago Symphony.

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Matous Michal

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S02E23 – Daniel Andai

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Violinist, Daniel Andai talked with us about his pathway to his current career as concertmaster for the Miami Symphony, Dean of Music at the New World School of the Arts and Artistic Director of the Killington Music Festival.  Following his instincts to follow opportunities that came his way he has created a multifaceted career. We talked about his; mentors, finding his way to conducting, his thesis “A Contemporary Approach to Orchestral Bowings for the Concertmaster”, his work with chamber music at the Killington Music Festival, collaborative approaches and how to teach them, learning conducting and how it has taught him so much about the collaborative process of the orchestra, management skills he uses in both conducting and administrative roles, the importance of the audition process, difficulty of musical training today and how the New World School is helping musicians, how he finds a balance in life between his various pursuits and the skills he improved to be efficient.

Daniel Andai
Daniel Andai

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S02E15 – Catherine Cho

About our Interview with Catherine Cho

Catherine Cho, Musician, Violinist, Teacher, and Performer chatted with us about her teaching and performance focus. As a teacher she focuses on the ‘total person’, ‘how to practice’ and developing a balance in life between practicing and life. From her own experience preparing for competitions she offers her current students a view of the full picture of how to become a well rounded performer and competitor. We talked about the process of learning of undergraduate and graduate student and how she guides her students to becoming independent and finding their own pathway to their careers. As a chamber music coach her focus changes to helping students how to rehearse, how to listen to themselves, listen to each other and how to interact/communicate as a group. We also talked about how she manages her own practice, manages her own career schedule, her family life with fellow musician Todd Phillipps of the Orion String Quartet and how she communicates with parents of young violin students of how to support their child in their learning.

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Faculty Web Page Juilliard

Catherine Cho
Catherine Cho

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S01E46 – Joyce Hammann

About our interview with Joyce Hammann

This weeks guest, violinist, Joyce Hammann, sits down to discuss her own journey from being young and broke to playing on Broadway. Paying rent by playing music on street corners, to eventually playing Phantom of the Opera for 25 years and becoming the Concertmaster. Joyce lets us in on the duties of being a concertmaster: knowing when to step in, and when to let problems solve themselves. She also opens up about how crossword puzzles and the quite support of her colleagues helped her through her own rough patch dealing with “the pressure of perfectionism.”

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Joyce Hammann

S01E30 – Will Curry

About our interview with Will Curry

Violist and Assistant Conductor for Les Misérables, Will Curry entered college as a violist but knew he wanted to be a conductor. While at Northwestern he began studying conducting along with viola and began making Broadway connections, which later lead to him being recommended for the tour of Les Misérables. Putting his masters degree on hold, he toured for three years as violist and assistant conductor and for the past year he has been on Broadway and developing a career in NYC. Using his skills from an arts administration minor, Will is the Development Director as well as a performer for the Broadway Chamber Players. We talked with Will about; how he plans ahead and continues to improve his skills as a musician to insure job security in the future, practicing to keep “in shape” with other music and the fundamentals, surprises that still occur after playing the same music for four years, choosing the viola, transitioning from college to touring, tour life, substituting on Broadway and doubling on violin and viola.

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